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We at Atone Skin Clinic are always looking at ways to deliver exactly what it is our clients want and need. I love to keep my ear to the ground as the ‘playing field’ which is the consumer marketplace is always changing and it is great to be in touch with what ‘the market wants’.... As our lives change and the seasons and the things around us shift and flex our treatment offerings and service delivery needs to flex and adapt also.

The need for wellness and touch therapy has increased so much since lockdowns. Many of our clients have slogged it out in essentials service-based roles and are thoroughly exhausted and spent on so many levels due to the demands placed upon them over the last two years.

Body Scrub

It has been such a delight to hear their feedback from the new Face & Body Revival Packages that we have launched. Yes our clients love the anti-ageing results all of your facials/modalities and packages we offer but they were screaming out for some decadent touch therapy whilst receiving these gold standard anti-ageing treatments. It is so nice to be able to deliver these treatments to add that dimension of wellness and delight to their monthly visits to us. We want you to leave our clinic feeling like something has shifted within in you just that little bit, we want to impact you on a deeper level than just delivering great skin results. It is such a gift to any devoted therapist to achieve that outcome in any treatment that she offers.

The New Revival Face & Body Package Affect Your Senses

With the new Revival Face & Body Packages we start with the age-old impact of Aroma to connect with you on the level of your sense.

  • Did you know that your nose always knows what you need...?
  • If you are oil or in need of exfoliation the nose will be attracted to something astringent, or citrus based?
  • Did you know that is you are dry then the nose will select essential oils that are hydrating such as rose or neroli?
  • Did you know that if you have poor circulation your nose will select something stimulating and warming like cinnamon?

Plus essential oil aroma is so deeply connecting it is a way we can touch your senses and deliver a multi-dimensional therapy experience.

Aromatherapy is Such an Integral Part of Our Self-care Journey

Besides the skin loving benefits aromatherapy eases the nervous system, assists with inflammation, induces relaxation, and soothes the soul. When it comes to self-care I love including custom blends in your treatment to assist with your skin concerns, as well as easing any stressors you've encountered along your way into the salon.

De Ageing Aroma Face & Body Revival Package/s

Our clients "Must Have" during the changing season is the De Ageing Aroma Face & Body Revival package/s.

We start your treatment with a sensory journey, letting your mind and body pick the essential oil blend based on your needs - "Take a deep breath in..."

  1. Your treatment begins with a dry body brush that stimulates the lymphatic system whilst buffing off dead cells then we use a deeply nourishing body scrub infused with your perfect essential oil blend to polish away the stress and buff your body into a deep state of relaxation and smoothness.
  2. We then envelope the body in a rich and hydrating leave-on body mask to ensure your aroma journey doesn't end when you leave the room. After your body is polished and pampered to perfection, the magic continues with your Customised Hydration Facial.
  3. After your skin perfecting exfoliation sequence which consists of Double Cleanse, Microdermabrasion & a customised Enzyme Mask application, you'll be treated to a customized multi-layered Hydration Mask to address your skins needs which are often dry, dehydrated, and flat at this time of year. Your facial & shoulder massage will continue to indulge your senses with dops of your chosen essential oil added to your customised hydration mask and massage medium.

This treatment will have you tingling and stimulated from head-to-toe whilst correcting your facial skin concerns.

Our clients are so ready for these decadent wellness elements since the dreaded C Word took a hold of us all. It is so delightful to hear them take that deep a satisfying long exhalation that signifies deep relaxation. We look forward to seeing you and catering to your specific skin and wellness concerns so you too can ....... " Take a big breath out..."

X - Khalia

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