Skin Dryness is a Pandemic….

Posted 10 months ago by Atone Admin

My first go to for correction of this dryness is to layer your hydration. Many people rely on just one hydrator (moisturiser) for their daily or nightly hydration and no matter how great that product is it is often not enough.

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When I talk about layering your hydration I mean adding hydrating serums, hydrating gels, dropping in a few drops of an oil that is loaded with essential fatty acids into your hydration regime and turning it into a hydration cocktail.

I personally am using a cocktail of:


O Cosmedics Medisoothe – I use that as a base to squirt the cocktail ingredients into – this will act as a healing and hydrating serum

CE Ferulic from Skinceuticals for antioxidant and environmental protection (Vit C will improve collagen too - Vit E will heal and nourish your skin)

Medik8 B5 Gel – B5 this stellar ingredient will heal and plump the outer epidermis as it contains hyaluronic acid which is your skins own natural moisturising agent

Then the moisturiser I am using is Medik8 Ultimate Recovery Intense – this is a rich Beta Glucan based moisturiser that seals and heals the outer epidermal layer – great for fair, dry menopausal skins that need that extra layer of hydrating occlusion.


After cleansing and when not using AHA’s for micro exfoliation I use the cocktail of Medisoothe, Ultimate Recovery Intense, Hydra B5 Gel and I drop in some Vitamin A into that cocktail – current using Skinceuticals Vitamin A 0.5% - this will give an immediate boost to radiance which is visible the very next day.

Vitamin A is always used at night as it is photo reactive (reacts to the sun)

Or on other nights I use Vitamin A then layer O Cosmedics Youth Activating Oil Balm for an intense moisture surge – this balm is divine, It will actually mimic the lipid balance of a skin that is 22 yrs old. It also have the most divine aroma derived from Japanese Camelia and it helps you to relax and sleep like a baby. It smells woody and earthy and is totally moreish. It is a rich balm that turns into an oil when it is rubbed between the fingers. It is a stunning product and I recommend it for all dry, lipid dry, dehydrated skins.

If you are relying on 1 moisturiser to perform all your hydration needs and wonder why your expensive moisturiser is not fixing your hydration concerns then I can suggest that by layering your hydration and turning it into a cocktail of hydration that contains differently weighted ingredients to travel into different layers of the skin (such as serums travelling deeper into the skin) I can guarantee that the radiance and restored harmony of your skin will be evident very quickly.

My motto is if you are over 25 then we gotta start layering to get the job done. We at Atone Skin stock multiple brands, all of them are considered the best of their class within Australia and we always have amazing solutions for all skin concerns.

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