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What are the things we hear all day every day in the clinic? I have to say the most common throw away lines I hear from clients are:

My skin was really bad so I changed all of my products to organic brands as it was the chemicals in the products that was causing my skin to look so bad. When I then ask if the skin changed noticeably after changing to organic brands, the client usually can’t answer in the affirmative

This is such a common misconception about what the skin actually needs to perform well and start looking its best. I wholeheartedly agree that if you are using Prestige brands that are full of synthetics and fragrances, then yes, 30% of the population will react to these brands. If you are using supermarket or chemist brands that are also full of muck then the same applies. However changing your products to everything organic is not going to get you there, that I can guarantee!

Usually when people make these changes the skin is feeling pretty bad, it is most likely flat, dull, congested and probably showing signs of fine lines, wrinkles, pigment or is breaking out and behaving randomly. This is why they switch to an organic brand to deliver a much hoped for result.

What Can You Do?

If you are suffering with any of the above then organic brands wont and can’t fix these concerns. The reason they can’t fix these concerns is because they are large molecules that sit on the surface of the skin and will not alter the way the skin is functioning below the surface. Nor do they do much to alter the surface of the skin either.

Your skin may perform slightly better for a hot minute but real results will still be lacking and you will feel frustrated in no time and be out shopping for the next quick fix to these concerns.

Often when we operate in this head space regarding skin care we end up buying more of the same, another brand with another label, more money spent in the hunt for real results. It can be a never ending cycle of product after product in the hope that one of them will eventually deliver the sort of results you have only ever read about but never experienced. It is a mine field of confusion and misinformation, the aesthetics industry, that leads most consumers into the wilderness. lost for all time, with no road map to get out.

The more you google and attempt to research yourself the more confused you will become. It is one of the greatest scams of the modern era that consumers think they are actually purchasing skin care that ‘works’ or actually delivers what they label claims it delivers. Consumers think that the more you spend then the more potent the products are. Wrong, wrong and wrong.

What Skin Care Products Work?

When dealing with a new client who is not in for a skin service but a beauty service or a hair removal service. I ask them if I can cleanse and apply 2 simple products to their face, mostly they say yes of course. I always choose the O Cosmedics Gentle Antioxidant Cleanser, this is our biggest selling product of all time and it never fails to disappoint, smells divine too, I then follow with O Cosmedics Medisoothe, which is the best, largest and most cost effective gel like hydration serum available and then I follow with the unbeatable O Cosmedics Mineral Pro SPF.

100% of the time when the client comes to the front counter after their service and these are the types of phrases they use…..

My skin feels so much better already……

Oh that has stopped me from feeling so dry…..

Oh I love the smell and feel of those products.

To name but a few.

Why We Do What We Do

These are some of the most basic steps we can take in the salon but it immediately makes their skins feel alive, satisfied, balanced, happy and comfortable. All within less than 5 minutes. This tells me everything I need to know about what they are using at home. Most skins out there that are crying out for satisfaction and balance and all are spending a lot of hard earned money for little to no result.

Once you start on active, professional strength well formulated skincare brands there is truly no going back. Book a Skin Consultation with us which is free with any Facial Treatment and we can teach you the easy 5 step formula behind this crazy crazy world of skin care so you then become an informed consumer and only make the best choices when it comes to your hard earned beauty dollars and your skins future. Once you learn it you can’t unlearn it and this in itself is invaluable.

This my friends is one of the reasons we do what we do……

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