Nurture - A Salon Where Every Client Matters

Atone Skin brings together advanced skin therapy and traditional beauty services. A Salon where every client matters.

It is truly our belief that people need first and foremost to be cared for. It is a refreshing feeling when we receive good old fashioned customer service. It can actually brighten your mood and your day. It happens so infrequently these days that it is a real standout when it does occur.

At Atone we are known for our real, down to earth connectedness with our clients and the consistent level of care that our customers receive. The staff at Atone are always recruited first and foremost with that thought in mind.... Is this girl a true therapist that is really born to this profession?... I ask myself when hiring staff.... You won’t find any cold uptight princesses here, only well trained therapists that love what they do. I personally would not want to own a business that didn’t customer care as a core value. All clients that walk through the doors are greeted warmly and treated with care from the minute they enter to the moment they leave.

Great customer service is automatic at Atone, we actually care about the experience you receive, we really mean that. We truly endeavour to offer you a personalised, tailored treatment that addresses your particular concerns and provide outstanding services that hopefully exceed your expectations not just meet them.