Skin Problem? Expert Skin Care Advice At Atone.

There is so much confusion out there about the world of cosmetics / cosmeceuticals and beauty products. The average client is totally confused about the difference between one brand to the next. Purchases are made with little to no understanding about what they are buying and if ‘their’ skin actually needs this product. Often these ill informed purchases are not cheap either. At Atone we first and foremost provide a skin consultation with each new client where by we gather information about your skins history and then thoroughly explain the treatment you are about to receive. Through that process we help you to understand that the world of cosmetics / cosmeceuticals and beauty products is not as unfathomable as it looks, we help you to break it down into the main categories and understand what each category brings to the market place and how it can or cannot benefit your skin.

Further to this we have the most unbelievable skin diagnostic tool available to us (previously very expensive and only available through Doctors)that is medical / scientific and is actually reading and reporting back on your SNP’s (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms, a way to extract information regarding an individuals DNA) DNA. This gives us information that was previously not available as it is based on your DNA which is the same from birth to death and tells us in great detail how your skin will age across 5 categories:

  1. Firmness & Elasticity
  2. Pigmentation & Sun damage
  3. Glycation ( A.G.E)
  4. Free Radical Damage
  5. Sensitivity & Inflammation

This test ensures that clients never have to spend beauty $$ again on products and treatments that their skin doesn’t need but only on the treatments and ingredients that their skin does need. It also helps us to unlock the mysteries of why ‘your’ skin does what it does as the tailored DNA report is extensive in its findings regarding your unique gene markers.

We are also skilled at providing you with hair removal solutions to problems with our expert hair removalists, first class modalities and varied approaches to your hair removal concerns.