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Customising is our point of difference

At Atone we fully customise every treatment to suit your skin type and your skin's specific concerns. No two skins are alike and the treatment needs to be adjusted to deliver optimal therapy results for your skin's best correction.

The Best Ranges on Offer

It's our guarantee to you that we will be sourcing the best skincare ranges on your behalf. At Atone we use a selection of the best local and global cosmeceutical, superceutical and botanical ranges to bring you the most effective treatments and homecare solutions available today. No single range can be all things to all skins so we have a philosophy where we 'cherry pick' the best products across ranges to optimise your in salon and at home results. (Ranges will be deleted or added as we keep abreast of ingredient technology and industry developments). See website for current products available at Atone.


At Atone we use a combination of skin therapy modalities that work at different levels in the skin to optimize your results: AHA technology (peels), Microdermabrasion (Diamond Tip & Crystal), LED Light Therapy, Sonophoresis, Skin Needling & Skin Vitamin technology.

Skin Consultation & Woods Lamp Skin Analysis

At Atone we set ourselves apart by our consultations, whereby we help you, the consumer, understand how to identify products & treatments that 'work' and those that don't & can't deliver. We listen to your goals and provide solutions that are surprisingly 'doable' & your results will speak for themselves. We will use the Woods Lamp (UV Light) to show you exactly where the concerns lie & how we can best address them.

Terms & Conditions

Cancellation Policy: Atone Skin requires 48 hours notification of cancellations or we may enforce the cancellation policy where you are charged 50% of the treatment cost or forfeit a pre-paid service.

Deposits: Where a treatment is 2 hours or more in room time we may ask for a 50% deposit which could be forfeited in the event of a no- show or less than 24 hours notice or cancellation.