Facial Therapy

Facial Therapy

This treatment menu is designed to step you through the levels which will complete your skins journey to health and vitality. 

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Consultation / Dermal Skin Consultation (20 mins)

Let us get to know you through a consultation that is a little different. We want to hear your concerns and learn about your skins history so we can best treat your skin and deliver the best results for you at time of visit. The second part of the consultation will be a process that we step you through that explains the easy steps you need to take to correct your concerns. This process empowers you to become an informed and knowledgeable consumer and breaks down the essential basics of cosmeceutical ingredients that will deliver rapid skin correction.

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Nourish & Glow

Pumpkin Enzyme Radiance Facial

Express radiance, refining & hydration Balancing facial which is perfect as an introductory treatment or for the time poor. Using O Cosmedics Pumpkin Enzyme Peel to refine and restore radiance to the skin + Layered Hydrating Mask + Relaxing Massage this Facial is the perfect express skin restoring treatment.

Item Quantity Price
Pumpkin Enzyme Radiance Facial 40mins $159

Ampoule Bomb Facial

Using Customised exfoliation (Enzyme & or Peel collection) along with Microdermabrasion to complete your exfoliation sequence, we then apply Layered Hydrating Masks + Relaxing Massage which is followed by potent Ampoule Infusion via Sonophoresis to deeply feed and nourish your skin.

Item Quantity Price
Ampoule Bomb Facial 40mins $162

Skin Drench Facial

This luxurious & skin corrective treatment brings together skin refining, radiance restoring & lush

hydration balance. Perfect for your first visit or for regular skin maintenance. Using Atone Skin’s tailored Exfoliation Sequence(Enzyme & or Peel collection along with Microdermabrasion to rid your skin of dead cells refining the surface of your skin, we then turn up the dial and drench your thirsty skin in essential hydration. We perform this by using layered Mask application plus infusion of Vitamins & Serums via Sonophoresis. Your hydration levels will be restored, you will be wonderfully relaxed & radiant.

Item Quantity Price
Skin Drench Facial 50mins $179

Atone Skin’s Celebration Facial

By incorporating multi layered modalities this facial treats multiple levels of the skin. Re energizing, refining, hydration drenching and wonderfully relaxing. This treatment really is a reason to celebrate. Using Customised exfoliation (Enzyme & or Peel collection) along with Microdermabrasion to complete your exfoliation sequence, we then revitalise and re energize your skins cells with LED Light Therapy along with Layered Hydrating Masks + Relaxing Massage which is followed by epidermal Vitamin Infusion via Sonophoresis to deeply hydrate & feed your skin.

Item Quantity Price
Atone Skin’s Celebration Facial 60mins $229

Mindfulness Facial

The perfect facial treatment for those that want results and deep relaxation. Using Ginger & Me the smart, clean Neuroceutical we lavishly refine, balance & drench the skin in essential hydration & delicious aromas. This treatment comes with a built in meditation session that allows you to enter deep rest whilst we treat your skin. It is a multi levelled treatment that is perfect for those wanting rejuvenation of the skin and soul.

Item Quantity Price
Atone Skin’s Mindfulness Faciall 60mins $239

Men’s Skin Workout & Infusion Facial

designed for Men’s skin concerns - Using Customised exfoliation (Enzyme & or Peel collection) to decongest & clarify your skin along with Microdermabrasion to complete your exfoliation sequence, we then proceed to revitalise and re energize your skins cells with LED Light Therapy. along with Layered Hydrating Masks + Relaxing Massage which is followed by epidermal Vitamin Infusion via Sonophoresis to deeply hydrate & feed your skin.

Item Quantity Price
Atone Skin’s Men's Skin Workout & Infusion Facial 50mins $210

Renew & Correct

Power Peel & Skin Drench Facial

This treatment couples the power of Cosmeceutical Peels along with luscious hydration. Using Peels that are tailored to your skins concerns (Lactic, Mandellic, Salicylic, Bio Peptide, Oxygenating Enzyme, Retinol & Alpha Beta) After the Peel has worked its magic we layer the hydrating Masks, Massage & finish with vitamin serums and hydration.

Item Quantity Price
Power Peel & Skin Drench Facial 40mins $219

Skin Bright Facial

This treatment is deliciously brightening to skin, restoring a vibrant lusture quickly. Using sophisticated Ampoule cocktails of Vitamin C Infused into the dermis via Electroporation. Brightening, refining and hydrating all at once makes this treatment a crowd pleaser & a must have.

Item Quantity Price
Skin Bright Facial 50mins $210

Ampoule Bomb Deluxe Facial

This treatment is the Upscaled version of the Ampoule Bomb Facial. Performing all of the Ampolue Bomb Facial sequence & taking it up by including Cell energizing & healing LED Light & Brightening, Hydrating or Anti Wrinkle Alginate Masking. The results are wow.....

Item Quantity Price
Ampoule Bomb Deluxe Facial 60mins $249

The Big Event Facial

Perfect for that special event, this facial doesn’t disappoint. Through layered Exfoliation modalities we beautifully refine the skin, we then follow with luscious Masking & Massage and then we complete the service with layered serum & Ampoule Infusion via Electroporation. The result is red carpet worthy.

Item Quantity Price
The Big Event Facial 70mins $279

Cult Enzyme, Lymph Drainage Facial

This enzymatic tightening Mask is a CULT treatment. It works with your circulatory & lymph system to remove waste from your cells and clear any lymph blockages that inhibit detoxification. The massive uptake of new oxygenated, nutrient rich blood stimulates cells renewal and cell vitality for optimum skin health. Treatment includes exfoliation sequence (Peel & or Enzyme + Microdermabrasion)

Item Quantity Price
Cult Enzyme, Lymph Drainage Facial 60mins $279

O Cosmedics Layered Peels

This Peeling Technology is smart, next generation LAYERED (up to 3 Layers) and Leave ON! It continues to work long after the treatment has finished, to restore and replenish lost essential elements in the skin to restore your skins healthy matrix and give you a killer glow and enviable radiance

Item Quantity Price
O Cosmedics Layered Peels 50mins $229

RF Skin Circuit (Skin Tightening)

This treatment is Refining, Hydrating and Tightening all in one. Combining an exfoliation sequence that includes, Enzyme & or Peel, Microdermabrasion followed with RF Skin Tightening (Radio Frequency) for collagen remodelling and tightening & finished with luscious Mask & Massage. This is a multi tier treatment that delivers visible results after 1 session.

Item Quantity Price
RF Skin Circuit (Skin Tightening) 60mins $259

RF Skin Tightening (Stand Alone Treatment)

Best results are achieved by visiting us every 2 weeks for your intensive Skin Tightening Treatments. You can purchase these stand alone RF treatments to have in between your other facials treatments. These treatments are express and are focusing on the RF modality only. Includes cleanse, exfoliating cleanse, RF application, hydration + SPF

Item Quantity Price
RF Skin Tightening 1 x 50mins $189 each
RF Skin Tightening 6 x 50mins $139 each
RF Skin Tightening 9 x 50mins $109 each

RF Body Contouring

RF Re Lift is used for face and body contouring and cellulite reduction treatments. Radio Frequency energy targets enlarged fat pockets to reduce fat cell volume and increase the metabolism while the vacuum mechanism increases local blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. The end result is more defined areas that are also firmer and more youthful. Used to treat the entire body, including face jowls, jaw line cheeks, brows, forehead, nasal labial area, neck and décolletage or any area that has extra fat deposits.

Item Quantity Price
Stomach, Front Thighs, Back Thighs, Top of Arms, Buttocks, Back Flanks 45mins $189
Course of 6 $139 each
Course of 8 $109 each
Item Quantity Price
Front Thighs & Back Thighs 90mins $338
Course of 6 $250 each
Course of 8 $199 each
Item Quantity Price
Upper Half Body (inc: Tops of Arms / Stomach / Back Flanks) 120mins $567
Course of 6 $333 each
Course of 8 $229 each
Item Quantity Price
Lower Half Body (Inc: Front & Back Thigh / Buttocks) 120mins $567
Course of 6 $333 each
Course of 8 $229 each

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Transform & De Age

Dermapen4 + 3D Collagen Mask

Using the Gold Standard in Skin Needling (Dermapen4) this treatment will revise scarring, remodel collagen & elastin improve skin texture & brighten dull complexions. A series of microscopic needles that are controlled by a motorized device to provide thousands of precise channels into the dermal layers of the skin. Stimulating cell regeneration & fresh new collagen & elastin fibres. This treatment is completed with a 3D Collagen Mask application (contains take home serum) & Dermapen’s Microsheild makeup & SPF.

Item Quantity Price
Dermapen4 + 3D Collagen Mask 60mins $429

Mesoestetic Skin Stamping

This treatment uses sophisticated exfoliation (that is the bomb right there and that is just the start.) We then follow with Mesotherapy style Skin Stamping which stimulates fibroblast activity in your skin to produce more Collagen, elastin and essential growth factors for more youthful skin. We then infuse trans dermic Ampoules that lock onto cellular receptors and force your cells to start producing substances that they have long forgotten to produce. The result is anti ageing before your eyes.

This treatment targets: Depigmentation, photo ageing, Sun damage, Fine lines & wrinkles, Brightening, Rosacea, Collagen & Elastin remodelling, Cell accelerator, Cellular DNA repair

Item Quantity Price
Mesoestetic Skin Stamping 1 x 50mins $429 each

Dermal Combination Treatment

This multi Modality treatment incorporates the power of epidermal regeneration and deep collagen remodelling. Working multi levels of the skin for a more intensive anti-ageing & skin perfecting treatment. Resulting in renewed, plump, glowing, hydrated and re invigorated skin.

(Inc:) Enzyme & or Peel, Microdermabrasion, LED Light Therapy, Dermapen + Trans Dermal Correctional Ampoule, 3D Nano Tech Sheet Mask Sheet Mask

Item Quantity Price
Dermal Combination Treatment 70mins $485