Laser & IPL Spot Treatments for Skin Rejuvenation

Laser and IPL Spot Treatment

Item Quantity Price
Full Face $89
Neck and Decolletage$89
Face, Neck & Decolletage$89

Laser Spot Treatments: Sun Spots / Veins

Item Quantity Price
2 Lesions $50
Up to 5 Lesions $89
6 to 15 Lesions $139
Leg Veins $149

Mesoestetic's Cosmelan


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  • 1 x Post Cosmelan Enzyme + Collagen

Cosmelan is the words best selling depigmentation treatment. For intense depigmentation results significant anti ageing results. Due to its high concentration of active ingredients this treatment addresses all pigmentation concerns, including Melasma. This treatment will lighten & brighten the skin, equalise skin tone & restore luminosity. Cosmelan works by decreasing the skins melanin production & inhibiting enzyme tyrosinase along with ferrying pigment out of the layers through desquamation.

Item Quantity Price
Mesoestetic's Cosmelan40mins$1250

Mesoestetic Age Correction Systems

Perfect treatments to have in between Dermapen4 or Meso Skin Stamping Visits. These treatments are designed to revise & correct ageing at each chronological stage. Utilising potent Peeling, Mask and Ampoule cocktails to deliver rapid age correction.

Normally $320 each.

Item Quantity Price
1 x 50 mins $269 each
3 x 50 mins$235 each
5 x 50 mins$189 each

Energy C Collagen 360 Radiance DNA

Destination Dermal Revision Treatment

Designed to give maximum results by layering modalities in one treatment. Designed for those clients who travel distances to us and can’t visit regularly but want maximum results.

This treatment will be customised with each visit depending upon your specific skins presentation upon the day. Modalities that will be tailored to your concerns will be: Enzyme, Peel, LED Light Therapy, Dermpen4 OR Meso Skin Stamping OR IPL / ND YAG for Pigment, Ageing or Vascular, Potent Ampoule Infusion via Electroporation, Massage, 3D Collagen Mask with take home serum from Mask.

Normally $689

Item Quantity Price
1 x 150 mins$499 each
2 x 150 mins$399 each
Add on IPL Hand Treatment$39 each