Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

At Atone we offer 3 types of Massage: Aromatherapy, Hot Stone and Magnesium Massage. All Massage starts with a consultation where your needs are discussed whilst covering any contraindications that you may have. All Massage is based on time frames and is fully customised in the time you have choosen. For example: In a 1 hour massage you might like 15 minutes on back and the remainder of the time spent on legs and feet, especially popular with runners. Your trained therapist will discuss your requirements and customise the massage to suit your needs.


Aromatherapy Massage uses Scientific Organics Coconut Argan Massage Oil which in itself is pure silky indulgence. It is super nourishing and soothing, derived from avocado and apricot oils and contains rose hip and vitamin E extract.

Item Quantity Price
Aromatherapy Massage1hr$95

Hot Stone

Hot Stone Massage uses professional heated stones at different sizes to help release tension from muscles. The warmth and the stones provide more specific relaxation to individual knotted muscles. Also it is a great general treatment where the sensations of heat and stone bring another element altogether to this treatment.

Item Quantity Price
Hot Stone Massage1hr$105

Magnesium Massage

Magnesium Massage is designed for anyone that may be experiencing any of the following: Aching joints, sore muscles, restless legs, menopausal symptoms, PMS, poor sleep, hormone imbalance, anxiety, nervous disorders, memory loss, calcium deficiency, sluggish metabolism, poor wound healing capability, energy loss, bone density issues then this will give your body an infusion of this much needed mineral and make you feel rejuvenated and refreshed the following day

In the Magnesium Massage we apply the natural substance of 100% magnesium chloride which is the strongest form. Many people are magnesium deficient and take supplements to improve their magnesium levels. However research has shown that trans dermal (applied via the skin) is the most effective way for the body to uptake magnesium. Magnesium is one of the crucial minerals effecting our everyday health. It has so many health benefits that it may just be the missing mineral in your everyday, all over general health. After application of the Magnesium we then perform either Aromatherapy Massage or Hot Stone Massage (your choice) which again is fully customised in the time frame allocated.

Atone stocks the complete range of Magnesium Body Products so that you can continue to maintain your magnesium levels at home.

Item Quantity Price
Magnesium Massage1hr$125