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The 3 Client Avatars that Need Our Bundles and Why?

The 3 Client Avatars that Need Our Bundles and Why?

Too often I see the wrong ingredients clients are using to fix their skin concerns.
Ladies it is costing you $1000’s to have your skin stay the same. I always chant, if
it’s not changing your skin then it’s NOT working.
The thousands of clients that I have seen over the decades there are 3 distinct
types that spring to mind, I have distilled their POV into 3 categories. For the sake
of this blog lets refer to them as:
  1. The Aspirational & Misguided Client:
    A discerning client who is using the right brands but not the right combination of ingredients and missing out on the wow factor and skin transforming anti-ageing avail to them. She is usually 40+ in age.

  2. The Ingredient Atheists or Agnostics:
    They really don’t believe in ingredients at all. This type of client can be any age and often it is a generational thing. Their mother or grandmother didn’t believe in the power of skincare so therefore they don’t either. Spans the age groups.

  3. The Scattergun Viral Trend Client:
    They think that all ingredients are pretty much the same, each brand is existing in its own space and time in the skin care industry. What they don’t understand is there are only 5 to 6 categories of skin care and of all the multiple brands they have used most likely they exist in the same category such as department store lines or beauty chain distributors.
    These clients also believe they can navigate their way through the jungle of information and misinformation with a quick Google or Insta search. Often shopping the latest fad or trending products and spending heavily on what they deem to be the latest and the greatest. This client type is usually tech savvy. Typically 25 to 38 years old

1. The Aspirational & Misguided Client

Too often through face-to-face client interaction or via the chat app on the online
Store this client type will say things like….
  • “I’m 57 years old and I need a new skincare brand.” (not always)
  • “My skin is looking flat and tired. It’s just age I suppose” (no its not!)
  • “Nothing is working anymore; I need something new.” (most likely)
  • “What’s your best anti-ageing serum?” (there is no short answer to this one..)

When I enquire about the brand they are using and hear that it is a Cosmeceutical brand (which means active and therapeutic doses of active ingredients – which are the elements that correct and transform skin) it’s a red flag to me straight away.

That comment alone shows me that the client is thinking the elixir to youth is in just switching out brands and 9 times out of 10 they are just not using the RIGHT ingredients in the brand they are using.

Then I ask them what products they are using in their cosmeceutical brand and they rattle off hydrating ingredients and antioxidants. Nothing active and nothing transformative for their skin. Don’t get me wrong, hydration and antioxidants are vital but once they have done what they do its time to introduce the big guns. Clients like this think that the brand they are using is not changing their skin visibly enough, but the problem is hydrators and antioxidants can ONLY do what hydrators and antioxidants do.

To get the wow factor and start changing their skin they need to add in the TREATMENT SERUMS, the ACTIVE ingredients like Retinol (Vitamin A) and Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s) or Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHA’s) and or Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) to start seeing immediate changes in their skin. If they were to add just 1 active ingredient in a line-up of great hydrators this in itself will be a game changer…..!

Why didn’t they know this? Years of missing out on anti-ageing and age prevention ingredients and results…. It’s galling!

I thought you could Google everything and get comprehensive information! Not
true, especially for the skincare industry. No industry is as confusing as ours and is designed to keep you in the dark. Not to sound conspiratorial but all of the misinformation over decades has led to deep misinformation tunnels that you could lose yourself in forever in the search of eternal youth…..

2. the Ingredient Atheists or Agnostics

Her typical throw away lines would be……
  • “I’ve got no problems with my skin.” (that’s debatable)
  • “My Mum has good skin too” (in who’s opinion)
  • “If I use anything my skin breaks out.” (how many times have I heard that)
  • “When I used skincare in the past, I got a rash.” (If I used some of those brands I would get a rash too, we all would…lol)

To the last two throw away lines my response would be….” This happens for several reason, breakouts because you are using some low-grade clogging rubbish, or your skin is purging as so much is sitting under the surface. To the rash comment, 70% of the population react to highly perfumed, fully synthetic department store brands because they are so toxic to skin. These experiences do not give an indication of what good skincare can do for your skin.

These comments are typical of the ingredient sceptic client type. Ok some of them may (only may) have ok skin because of blessed genetics but 9 times out of 10 their skin is environmentally aggressed, dehydrated like a dam in a drought, prematurely aged, full of photo damage and riddled with fine and deep lines.

Generational Distrust of Ingredients

It’s so exhausting giving these client types the right information in a short time frame that contradicts years of generational misinformation. Its almost like reinventing the wheel.

The quickest thing I can say to them is that your skin is like a delicate silk handkerchief that is being exposed to the elements all day long, all year long. Without coating that skin (silk handkerchief) in essential antioxidants (ingredients that prevent environmental damage), using a quality SPF (the sun in the form of UVA & UVB rays is actually the biggest stealer of youth that we know), hydrating that skin at night with a food like hydrator full of ingredients that skin needs to repair and rebuild and using a skin conditioning and pH balancing cleanser morning and night are the basics to healthy NOT prematurely aged skin. Then we layer in the correcting agents like Vitamin A’s, AHA’s, Vitamin B3 and BHA’s for Oily skins and we start de ageing the skin and reversing years of neglect and damage.

Their skin may look ok (usually not if they are over the age of 40 with such a routine) but they could knock years off their appearance with getting onto an appropriate Cosmeceutical skin care routine.

3.The Scattergun Viral Shopper Client

I actually have a friend (known her for years) who is like this. She jumps on every trending, hot, viral, TikTok, Instagram new shiny thing in skincare or makeup that she can. No matter how many times I have told her that if its NOT Cosmeceutical then don’t waste your money as it won’t have the percentage of active ingredient to deliver the results the label claims it will. I’m going to save my breath to cool my porridge in future as she just loves the hell out of doing this. O Throw away lines for this client type would be….

  • “Oh this ……. product is blowing up right now, there is a 2 month wait for it from" (whatever mass distributor is selling it) (of course there is...!)
  • “Everyone is loving this new serum, you should look it up. I’ve ordered 2 and I can’t wait to start, you should read the reviews.” (I truly couldn’t be bothered as I know what it probably is)
  • “You know me I research the hell out of my products, I read 100’s of reviews and this is the real deal. Its going to change my skin I just know it is…” (No it won’t, I just know it!)

These comments are typical of this client type. The problem is that they don’t have the knowledge to understand the formulation behind all the media hype and marketing chicanery. They are reading information generated by beauty bloggers that have no idea either, other than it feels good, smells divine, looks good in my bathroom, has killer social media content that is so inspiring and other vapid banalities. I liken it to anyone not in the medical fraternity trying to research the medical field, there is sooooooooo much to know and where do you start? An impossible task best left to the professionals. They Are Not Seeing the Gravitational Pull on Their Face Yet! Often these client types are 25 to 35 and haven’t really started to see age march across their face and they are often spending way too much on so called viral skincare trends that are dressed up Chemist equivalent products. However they are easy to converse with typically (not really me friend ….lol) as they are ingredients believers they are just investing (and heavily) in the wrong lane so to speak.

More Results in 2 Weeks than In 2 Years

Once they switch over to well formulated, Cosmeceutical brands they get more result in 2 weeks then they have had in 2 years and have saved a penny doing it too. Then they are converts, just have to keep them away from jumping back onto gimmicky viral trends that give them a sugar hit straight to the arterial vein. Once the rush wears off they experience buyer’s remorse and their skin looks the same…lol Ladies it’s all about the ingredients and the percentage thereof. Don’t be fooled by anything else. The sum of your product is exactly its sum of ingredients….

Bundles – Heres’s Why

Hence why we have created Bundles for our online store to take the guesswork out of it for the client. Let’s pair the right products together that contain the right ingredients to TREAT the specific skin concern. We have created bundles across most of our brands with naming conventions that make sense, like De Pigmentation, Reactive, Stressed, Mature, Breakout / Congested etc to help you pair the right bundle with your skin concern.

Which Brand Do I Choose?

Which brand to select might be your next question. Good question but they are all
amazing as they are some of the best Cosmeceutical brands available, so they are all better than what you are using potentially. It would come down to price point and the combination of products in the bundle. In order to keep bundles to a 3 or 4 product average you may need to select a cleanser, SPF and or Moisturizer to complete your perfect routine. If you are struggling, please call us on 0393267160 or use the Chat App on the Store and we will respond quickly and pair the best product to correct your skins concern.

What Does a Great Skincare Routine Consist Of?

The basic categories or steps of a great skincare routine is broken down into these

  1. Cleanse
    Must be a cleanser that is capable of conditioning & pH balancing not just cleaning your skin
  2. Protect with SPF
    Must be cosmeceutical, not that gunk your wear to the beach, UVA & UVB protection. I like physical block best for the face to wear daily
  3. Correct 
    (Using Cosmecueitical grade actives like Vitamin A,B,C,E, AHA’s & BHA’s for oily) these are the big guns that turn skin around, prevent ageing and de age the skin. Plus stimulate the cells to make them work and produce like they did when you were 7 to 10 years younger.
  4. Hydrate
    Must be a food like, healing, repairing and non-synthetic moisturiser to protect and hydrate your skin

Kill Many Birds with 1 Stone:

Within all good Cosmeceutical brands, you will get multiple essential ingredients in 1 product: for example, if you look at the list of ingredients needed above, in many of our moisturisers you will get Vitamin B, C + E plus Peptides plus all of the great hydrating ingredients. You can tick off 4 items with 1 crème. However, if you need a higher does of Vitamin B3 for example (to treat acne ageing or pigment) then a specific serum to use with that moisturiser will give a much more accelerated results but good to know that we can continue to drip feed our skin essential additional ingredients in our sophisticated moisturiser.

Check out our bundles on the store and see that they are marked down to a whopping 25% off. Great combo of ingredients, products form some of the best Cosmeceutical brands available.

Happy shopping and don’t forget to reach out. Never shop blind we are always here to help, and you want every drop of your skincare to take you closer to your desired result and for it to change your skin….

Lots of love Bridgit & the Atone Team xx

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