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HIFU - High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

HIFU & All You Need to Know About this Stunning Gold Standard Treatment for Skin Tightening

What is the most common concern for most of us as we age? The loss of firmness in our skin which results in sagging, fine lines, deep lines, ageing fat deposits, loss of defined jaw line, loose hanging skin on neck and an overall appearance of ageing.

As we get older, we naturally produce less collagen and elastin and the collagen that is produced is of lesser quality. This results the appearance of age that we all hate.

The HIFU Non-surgical facelift targets cells that are responsible for firming and providing structural support to our skin. HIFU has the ability to treat shallow (1.5mm) for rejuvenation & glow, deep collagen & elastin fibres (3mm) reduce fat deposits and to sculpt areas of the face or body (3mm) and HIFU will tighten the SMAS (Muscle) that holds our skin up, like scaffolding for our face (4.5mm)

Thus is the ultimate non-surgical facelift as there are no needles, no scars and no downtime at all. We have triggered a cascade of new collagen & elastin fibres to be birthed in your skin along with tightening and shrinking the existing collagen & elastin fibres.

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is a non-invasive skin tightening modality using the technology of deep reaching ultrasonic waves to stimulate new collagen and new elastin. HIFU not only creates new collagen production, but it tightens existing collagen and elastin fibres, just like putting your denim jeans in the dryer.

This gold standard modality for skin tightening is so popular as there is no downtime at all and it delivers incredible and visible results. As it is a fractionated treatment (which means that only some of the tissue is affected, leaving healthy tissue all around the controlled wound), this results in quicker healing, more cell-to-cell communication and less risk of any sort.

HIFU helps to lift and firm skin without downtime or side-effects. The use of deep ultrasound wavelengths on sagging and lax skin is an incredible modality for everyone wanting to lift and firm their skin, This treatment has very few contraindications and is suitable for most people wanting a non-surgical option to firm and lift that skin.

HIFU can tighten:

  • Jowls (loss of definition around jaw line)
  • ‘Turkey neck’ sagging under chin
  • Marionette lines
  • Thin & fragile skin that requires densification
  • Puckered & lined skin
  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Mild laxity of skin on the stomach, arms, knees, legs
  • Crow’s feet around eyes
  • Forehead wrinkles


No Product Name Treatment Area Price
1 HiFU Glow Neck, Full Face, Decolletage $620.00
2 HIFU + Dermapen Complete Collagen Package $999.00
3 Jaw Lift + Chin Sculpt Glow Package $975.00
4 Firm Glow Package $882.00
5 Post Summer Skin Correction Package $728.00
6 Relax Refresh Rejuvenate Package $618.00
7 Advanced Brightening Firming Package $688.00
8 Jowl Lift Smas Remodelling, Tightening $599.00


HIFU bypasses the surface of the skin and penetrates at targeted depths, where it can trigger certain responses in the cells. There is no visible indication on the surface of your skin that the treatment has been performed, except for possible mild inflammation. The real work and treatment has taken place deep in your skins layers. Your therapist in consultation with yourself will choose the appropriate cartridges to treat different areas of your face.

1. 1.5mm for superficial treatment / glow & rejuvenation / for thin areas like eyes & forehead

2. 3mm for deep collagen rejuvenation & fat reduction or sculpting

3. 4.5mm for SMAS (Muscle) tightening

Ultrasonic treatments can be a little uncomfortable, like a prickling feeling. This sensation will pass quickly, and it means the treatment is delivering its technology into the skin. You will feel a warming sensation, which will be more intense around bony areas and the eyes.

Your therapist can adjust the settings used to deliver a comfortable treatment. more intense treatments increasing the discomfort during the ultrasonic pulses. Settings are designed to suit your skin type and the area being treated. Thicker more cushioned skins tends to feel the least discomfort.

You may see an initial immediate tightening effect which is inflammation as a result of the micro wounds we have created below the skins surface. However the real work has now began and the best is yet to come. The three stages of collagen production are:

  • Inflammation (this is what you feel immediately after the treatment)
  • Proliferation (this is what we have created with your HIFU treatment – a cascade of new collagen & elastin fibres created by your fibroblast cells)
  • Maturation (this is what happens as the collagen turns from floaty new collagen to strong collagen that acts as scaffolding to our skin)

From inflammation to the maturation stage it takes up to 90 days but the improvement is gradually unfolding and it peaks in 90 days approx. Don’t forget that your existing collagen will be tightened also like denim jeans in the dryer.

How many treatments you require will depend on multiple factors like: your age, how quickly you heal, your health & your lifestyle factors. It also depends upon the quality of your skin prior to the treatment and the depth of HIFU Cartridge that we have used. For 1.5mm we can repeat the treatment mostly every 3 months but for deeper HIFU cartridges we would like to wait up to 6 months before re treating so we don’t disrupt the new collagen & elastin that has been created.

Your treatment time frames will be discussed with you pre and post treatment

Can I have other treatments while I am waiting for the full effects of HIFU to mature?

Yes you most certainly can. As Atone Skin Clinic is a multi-modality clinic that offers a large variety of modalities, products and treatments we are happiest when we are taking clients on a total ‘Skin Journey’…. We love to use the following and often in the same treatment:

  • Peels for radiance / tone / texture & hydration
  • Enzymes for digesting debris on the surface of the face
  • LED Light Therapy for wound healing / force feeding energy into the energy house of the cell (mitochondria) so it can function at optimum like a much younger cell does
  • Skin Needling for collagen induction, tone & texture of skin
  • Meso Skin Stamping with skin correctional Ampoule for cellular rejuvenation & correction
  • RF Skin Needling for collagen induction and skin tightening – we will often perform this treatment at the same time as Deep HIFU as it is delivering a different energy and micro wound at a different depth of the skin
  • Infusion treatments to get those potent skin correctional ampoules deeper into the skin

  • Boost cellular output – or cell optimisation
  • Increase skins circulation
  • Tightening of existing collagen & elastin
  • Promotion of brand new collagen & elastin
  • Rejuvenation of skin
  • Radiance
  • Improve tone & texture of skin
  • Effective tool anti-ageing and holding back the hands of time
  • Reduce fine lines & wrinkles
  • Improve muscle firmness which acts as scaffolding to your skin
  • Firm skin around the eyes
  • Minimise nasolabial folds
  • Tighten & lift cheeks, neck and jowls
  • Reduce double chin (turkey neck)
  • Reduce under-eye bags, puffiness and pockets
  • Improve acne & acne scarring

HIFU has become the gold standard in skin tightening for the following reasons:

  • you see an immediate tightening result that accumulate and peak in up to 90 days – you just keep looking better and better as the days ./ weeks go on
  • There is no downtime, you don’t have to miss a thing post HIFU, your schedule and lifestyle goes uninterrupted while the treatments results are working deep below your skins surface
  • There is no special after care procedure other than your normal great everyday skincare at home routine
  • HIFU is non-invasive, there are no injectables or needles used and it is a walk in and walk out procedure.
  • HIFU uses your body’s own natural healing and rebuilding mechanisms to produce the result all we are doing is signalling the cells for them to activate and produce a lot more collagen & elastin
  • Results can last from 18 months to 2 years depending upon your intrinsic metabolic factors and extrinsic factors.
  • HIFU is safe and effective for almost everyone

HIFU has the ability to penetrate deeper levels of skin and tissue compared to Radio Frequency, targeting the more structural elements of your skin and muscle.. While other energy-based treatments are very useful for treating a variety of concerns the deep tightening and rejuvenation effect of HIFU is now considered the gold standard in skin tightening.

At Atone Skin we are obsessed with giving you multi modality treatments that give us a higher yield in terms of outcome and gives you optimum results. The same with HIFU, we have created packages that deliver incredible value and give your skin the best possible chance of optimising those results.

Please see our current package options or give us a call to discuss your very specific and individual requirements.

  • Pregnancy
  • Breast feeding
  • Open wounds or legions
  • Active Infections (Herpes)
  • Epilepsy
  • Severe or cystic acne
  • Pacemakers
  • Defibrillators

  • Save 32%
    Atone Skin Clinic

    HIFU + Dermapen Complete Collagen Package

    Original Price $1,459.00
    Current Price $999.00

    Receive a complete Collagen remodelling series with HIFU either 1.5mm or 4.5 + 3mm along with Gold Standard Skin Needling for Collagen Induction. A...

    View full details
    Original Price $1,459.00
    Current Price $999.00
    Save 32%
  • Save 39%
    Atone Skin Clinic

    Jaw Lift + Chin Sculpt & Glow Package

    Original Price $1,597.00
    Current Price $975.00

    Using HIFU 1.5mm cartridge to shrink, reboot & firm collagen & elastin for renewed tone & texture Using 4.5mm cartridge to lift & t...

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    Original Price $1,597.00
    Current Price $975.00
    Save 39%
  • Save 40%
    Atone Skin Clinic

    Firm & Glow Package

    Original Price $1,481.00
    Current Price $882.00

    Using HIFU 1.5mm cartridge to shrink, reboot & Firm collagen & elastin for renewed tone & texture (to be performed 5 weeks apart) In be...

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    Original Price $1,481.00
    Current Price $882.00
    Save 40%
  • Save 28%
    Atone Skin Clinic

    Post Summer Skin Correction Package

    Original Price $1,017.00
    Current Price $728.00

    Choose From: Glow Up & Body Balance Facial OR Brightening Vitamin Surge Facial 1 x IPL Treatment(Full Face, Neck & Dec for Pigment &a...

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    Original Price $1,017.00
    Current Price $728.00
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    Atone Skin Clinic

    Relax Refresh & Rejuvenate Package

    Original Price $877.00
    Current Price $618.00

    Choose From: Glow Up & Body Balance Facial OR Brightening Vitamin Surge Facial 1 x Customized Peel + LED Light Therapy Choose From: C...

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    Atone Skin Clinic

    Advanced Brightening & Firming Package

    Original Price $937.00
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    1 x Dermafrac Treatment(Inc: Full Face, Neck & Dec) 1 x Bright Light Facial(Inc: Enzyme, Micro, Mask, Massage + LED Light Therapy) 50 Mins...

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    Original Price $937.00
    Current Price $688.00
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