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Fruit Acid Mask

Fruit Acid otherwise known as AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) Masks are a great quick fix for dull, dry, flaky, thickened, sun damaged, oily, acne prone, congested or problematic skin. Fruit Acid is derived from a variety of natural sources like sour milk for lactic acid and almonds for mandelic acid. Fruit Acids when they were launched onto the skin care market were revolutionary because they were the first ingredient that was considered a super-ceutical. Depending upon the weight of the molecule will determine how active and deeply it penetrates into the skin.

The first fruit acid molecule to start the skin care revolution was Glycolic Acid which is the smallest molecule of all skin care ingredients, and it is brilliant for exfoliation and refining the skin. Lactic acid is the AHA that is most widely used in formulations now, as it is very effective at exfoliating, but provides more hydration than glycolic acid. Where you see a blend of acids like Mandelic, Citric and Tartaric it will most likely be a gentle formulation, with each acid having a different molecular weight that provides a gentle version of exfoliation.

Fruit Acids have three primary functions, these are to: exfoliate the surface of the skin, normalise the pH which stops irregular behaviour of skin and significantly increase skin hydration levels. Fruit Acid Masks are a great way to boost your skin's glow and radiance through exfoliation and evening out the skin's surface, they also greatly bolster the skin's hydration levels.

Typically, these types of masks are to be used twice a week depending upon the strength, and need to be rinsed off after the recommended application time. You would then follow with your normal hydration routine. Atone Skin Clinic based in Nth Carlton, Melbourne stocks a wide range of high quality Cosmeceutical, Botanical and Organic Skin Care Fruit Acid Masks, and we ship Australia-wide.