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About Us

Who are we?

Atone Skin Clinic has been a leading force in the beauty industry in Melbourne since 1999. Since the launch of our online store in 2020 we are now taking our special brand of magic to the whole country. We pride ourselves on speedy delivery with generous samples included in all orders with a cute handwritten thank you note.

What makes us tick?

What makes us tick is offering incredible value to our clients and real customer service. Be it in clinic or online. We have a real time customer service attitude as bricks and mortar is in our blood.  However our online clients are loving the personalised and consultative interaction that they receive from us even though the live 1000’s of kilometers away.

Core Values.

The core values that Atone was founded on are … a passion for retail, lots of colour and movement in that space. Bringing a hand curated, hand-picked collection of products, brands and ingredients to our clients so they are never bored and can select from the very best of the best that the industry offers.

Helping clients understand what their skin truly needs to deliver the results they desire. Ladies it is attainable if you use the RIGHT ingredients in the right way. 

Bridgit the founder of Atone has a real bug bear with consumers spending 1000’s of $$ on all sorts of products where no result is seen. She always chants ….

”if there is no result then your product is not working and these are the reasons why…”

Hero / Cult Products

Using HERO products across brands too is a real game changer as all good brands have their heroes. See our Best Sellers or Hero product collection on the store. 

The Atone Skin Therapist

Atone therapists are people that are born to be therapists; they have a natural passion for healing, nurturing and a fascination for all things skin and the world of beauty. We only love an enthusiastic passion filled therapist at Atone.

Offering value is a passion

Real value is another core value and underpins the whole business model. Too often clients walk away from a salon experience with little result and big holes in their pockets. Not fair we say! There is in fact nothing worse than that feeling. We hear all too often from our clients….

”your packages are amazing, that is a great deal, I love your offers…”

Our treatment packages are legendary for all the inclusions, treatment areas covered and value added services. We offer an incredible array of treatments with the latest modalities including; LED Light Therapy (Healite – the best) , Dermapen4 for skin needling (the best), Microdermabrasion, HIFU (the best skin firming modality) , Radio Frequency, IPL for hair removal, pigment, vascular and rejuve, Sonophoresis & Electroporation Infusion, High Frequency along with a huge selection of Back Bar products (across all brands) such peels, enzymes, masks, ampoules & serums to deliver incredible in clinic treatments.

Where can you find us?

Atone is nestled in the famous, leafy Rathdowne Street Village in Carlton which is minutes from the heart of Melbourne. All treatments offered are seriously results driven but MUST be done in a nurturing environment where clients feel tranquil, pampered and indulged. Another bug bear is white clinical spaces that make you feel like you are a number. No thanks not for us!

Many clients find us online and drop in to pick up items and it’s not long before they become part of the Atone family and their journey begins. We have many long-standing clients of 19 years + and they are as engaged today as they were all those years ago as the relationships built are solid and the trust gained is respected and valued at all times. Values that serve people and endure are what make us tick. Anyone can sell a good product but earning trust and loyalty and keeping happy engaged clients over years or decades is why we do what we do and these are values that endure and warm our hearts.

"Don’t’ go it alone, the world of skincare is ridiculously confusing and will cost you loads of money to get nowhere. With a few essential tweaks you will be off to the races….!"

Pop in for a chat, send us an email, join a virtual consultation, use the chat app on the store, message us through social media, which ever way you want to connect please do as there are amazing results available to you with the right selection of the right ingredients (for homecare) and or the right treatments / modalities (for in clinic.)  A scattergun approach to your skincare won’t get you to your end goal, let us help you cherry pick exactly what it is you need to de age, glow up, look fresher and more alive but most importantly feel amazing.               

Much Love the Atone Team