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How do I know which products are best for my skin?

As we stock many brands and products it is best if you email us or call us to discuss your skin's unique characteristics. We will talk to you via email, facetime, zoom or audio chat about what products / ingredients your skin will most benefit from. Once you get started, we can build in a skin progression journey so you will know what the next steps are and when you are ready to introduce them.

Will I know how to use my products when I receive them?

You can always call / email us with any specific questions or concerns, particularly if you are a new shopper with us. However, all orders will be sent with a “How To Use Guide” so you can follow this easily at home.

I usually break out / react when I try new products, will this happen to me?

Whenever I hear this (and it is a lot) I always ask the client, what have you broken out to? What sort of reaction have you had? The answer is nearly always the same…. Got a rash from using a synthetic department store brand, got a pimple from a facial at a spa,  felt oily after using a heavier moisturiser……

Let me assure you, 50% of the population react to synthetic highly fragranced department store products as they are like feeding your skin a cocktail of chemicals that the skin simply hates, so this doesn’t mean you have sensitive skin, it just means your skin hates synthetic chemical cocktails, as it should. All of our brands will make skin happier and more balanced, not put them into a state of shock.

If you broke out after having a Spa Facial where they used a Clay Mask, if there are any impurities sitting under the skin then things like clay can draw them out. This does not mean you should avoid doing anything to your skin in the fear of breaking out. On the contrary, our brands can draw impurities to the surface but it will quickly resolve and heal the skin from the inside out where skin is refined and radiant and beautifully behaved.

If you feel oilier when using a heavier moisturiser but also feel dehydrated all at the same time, this is such a typical and common conundrum. All it means is that you have a layer of dead cells on the surface of the face and irregular oil flow through the “T zone” which is best addressed with an AHA based product in the first instance. You have also become accustomed to having a very light layer of hydration as anything heavier makes you feel oily. Once you start using the right ingredients this will easily be corrected within approximately 2 weeks.

Do I need Treatments as well as Skin Care?

This is a question that clients ask all the time and the answer is always this:

70% of ALL your results come from skincare used at home. Everyday your skin needs cleansing without stripping, protecting, correcting and hydrating. Think of your homecare routine like exercising everyday, the fitness you derive from this daily activity yields the largest result.

Consider in clinic Treatments like spending time with an Olympic coach, after you have done all the background work the Olympic coach can do an intensive session with you to accelerate your outcomes. Without the daily exercising (skincare at home) then you really don’t benefit from an Olympic coach as you don’t have the fundamental fitness.

Treatments equal 30% of your overall result, in conjunction with the homecare that equals 100%. We use the same ingredients in the treatment rooms that you do at home, in the most part, but we use them in much stronger doses. We also use modalities like laser, IPL, Microdermabrasion, RF Skin Tightening, Sonophoresis, Electroporation, Dermapen, Skin Stamping & LED to perform certain functions and de-age the skin.

Treatments and homecare work together to deliver the best outcome in your skin's anti ageing and correctional journey.

Why do I need an access CODE to shop at Atone Skin?

You will need an initial access code to shop on our site as some of our brands are internet protected and require this code to shop. Some of our suppliers have active, high end cosmeceutical ingredients within their products which need to be prescribed accordingly. Simply email us or text / call the number listed on the site to get access. We will have a brief discussion with you about which products will suit you best.

Can I change My Order?

Orders can be changed if you contact us before goods are dispatched. Please get in touch with our Customer Service Team via email at

What is the delivery time for my order?

Australian orders delivered to metropolitan locations via Australia Post E-Parcel Service:

  • 1–4 Days for Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra
  • 4–6 Days for Brisbane and Adelaide
  • 5–7 Days for Perth, Hobart and Darwin

If a product is temporarily out of stock from our suppliers we will call or email you to let you know. We will discuss with you if there is another like product that we can substitute. In these instances if a client is not happy to substitute a product for a like product or wait for supply to become available then we will refund the cost of that product alone.

Can my Parcel be left on my doorstep if I'm not Home?

Unfortunately not. All orders require signature upon delivery. Signature on delivery is an essential part of our shipping method to protect the security of your order.