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DermaFrac - Dermal Micro-Needling System

DermaFrac - Dermal Micro-Needling System

DermaFrac is a dermal micro-needling (Skin Needling) system that offers simultaneous infusion of skin correcting ingredients. This treatment is a hero in the Skin Needling world as it pain free and downtime free. This treatment can be considered the lunchtime Skin Needling treatment.

Microneedling is a highly effective and minimally invasive skin treatment used to rejuvenate the skin and correct a multitude of skin concerns.  At Atone Skin Clinic , we use the Dermafrac system to deliver pain free, no downtime Skin Needling where results are both immediate and progressive.

This technology combines multiple modalities and delivery systems. Dermafrac combines microdermabrasion for mechanical refining of the skin along with microneedling for collagen and elastin production & skin correction while simultaneously infusing potent targeted skin serums.

This treatment is quick, pain free with virtually zero down time. You may feel a bit flushed for the rest of the day but typically your skin will feel reinvigorated and plump immediately after the treatment. However, the results are progressive and continue to build over a 90 day period. As the Micro Needling modality along with the potent infusion of serums we have stimulated your cells to produce floaty new collagen that will develop into structural and mature collagen in 90 days.

Image: 60 Year Old Female: 6 DermaFrac™ C Treatments (Rejuvenate)
Courtesy of Professor Stephen A. Schendel, MD, DDS. Palo Alto, California.

Image: 41 year old female: 8 DermaFrac™ C Treatments (4 Rejuvenate, 4 Lighten)Courtesy of Dr. Martin Kassir, Dallas, Texas
**Individual results may vary

This treatment is the perfect go to treatment for fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, pigmentation, sun damage, sagging concerns, dull and lifeless skin, dry mature skins, open pores, loss of collagen and elastin, congestion and acne concerns. Dermafrac will also create a skin that is much more responsive, awakened and energized with improved circulation and bounce back ability.

The targeted and potent infusion serums are selected to correct your skins concerns. Your therapist with tailor your treatment or course of treatments using the Dermafrac selection of serums:

  • Rejuventate – Anti ageing multi weighted Peptide solution
  • Lighten – Proven skin lightning agent
  • Clarity – a powerful decongesting & exfoliating complex
  • Vitamin C – Potent Antioxidant boosting blend
  • Hydrate – Multi weighted Hyaluronic Serum & Antioxidant blend

At Atone Skin Clinic we are known far and wide for our Treatment Packages that are jammed packed with value and inclusions. Our Dermafrac treatment is no different. We are not only performing refining Microdermabrasion, Micro Needling & Serum Infusion but we are also pairing this treatment with Enzymatic exfoliation and LED Light Therapy to elevate your results 10 fold. We are also treating full face, neck & decolletage (most places will charge more for these extended treatment areas), not us, we feel we are robbing you if we don’t include these essential areas. Plus we will reward you with a 20% discount if you buy 2 or more.

This is a must have in your skin treatment journey, the results are big but the pain and downtime are almost zero….

Please feel free to reach out to discuss or to schedule a personalised consultation.

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